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Gilbert Davis May 9th 2022

Gilbert Davis MCSE

Over 35 years of experience

 New and Legacy Tech & Ideas

Google IT Suport Certified
Apple Certification  IBM Certification 
Certified Cybersecurity Analyst





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Cyber Security

Whether you have a home or business network, you need my help.  I can scan your network and website and evaluate them with my Cyber Security Suite of tools to protect your data and equipment whether in house, hybrid, or in the cloud.   


In this world of viruses, hackers, and coordinated cyber attacks, you need WiFi , Computers and Network Security.

I have partnered with IBM.  I use IBM Newton AI Computer systems tools from IBM plus many other network tools to scan and protect Windows networks and online websites.

Call and ask me to test and evaluate your network and or your website.


IBM Certified Cybersecurity Analyst 2023

                                                                     IBM Certification

 Social Media Account Inheritance

If something happened to you, what do you want to happen with your social media accounts?  How about your children or grandchildren’s accounts?

Facebook, Google, and Apple among other social medias provide inheritance plans for your accounts.  If something were to happen to you or your children, we can communicate to the various social medias you are signed up with and setup the person that you want to inherit your online accounts.  This can be used to let the person in charge of your account tell the social media platforms to either delete or memorialize your account, if you were to pass away or not able to access your accounts.  This would be of your choosing.

Please ask me to help you with this.


Please refer businesses and home users to me.


Thank you for reading this information!


      Gil Davis


Telephone and Email Scammers

Microsoft will never contact you by phone or email. The only exception is if you have an Office subscription.  If someone contacts you by phone or email and tells you that they see irregular data coming out of your computer, HANG UP YOUR PHONE!  Do not ever let strangers remote into your computer.  Scammers will try to remote in to your computer to steal your bank information, passwords and whatever else they can get their hands on.   Banks will not reimburse you, if you let someone take over your computer and show them your bank accounts.


Veteran Owned Business

I am a veteran and served in the United States Army. - Gilbert Davis



Gilbert Davis West Point Teaching Cadets

This is me Gilbert Davis in the Army. 

It was in 1987 in New York Field Training for West Point Cadets. 

I'm holding the clipboard and grading.


Google IT Suport Certified
Apple Certification  IBM Certification 
Certified Cybersecurity Analyst



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